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ATAÁ Agency bringing social sustainability to the fore front of MRKTNG DAY

We got an opportunity, which many start-ups do not get in their first months of operation. We got to jump into the MRKTNG Day event planning team in the end. One of our ideas that made it to the event was to gather promises from the participants and speakers throughout the event. This was a continuance to the interviews with people before the event to hear their expectations to organizations.  Besides, we got chosen to direct the speaker interviews and come up with the questions, etc. This gave us a chance to hear from the leading global marketers about their thoughts on the role of marketing and companies in our society. A platform to spread awareness on social sustainability.

Social sustainability as our expertise and background from athletics, we also wanted to include an activity to each day if it was still possible. To our delight, there was still room in the program to squeeze in Sampsa Kauto, a dear friends, and trainer that we have worked with before. He was able to come on both days and remind people about the importance of self-care and how doing a little consistently will carry a long way. Overall, the project was delightful and successful. In a short time, we were able to come up with ideas on social sustainability that went with the theme of the event – doing good with marketing.


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