Do good with marketing - the role of marketing in our society.

We, as ATAÁ Agency, got an opportunity to challenge global marketing leaders to think about the role of companies and marketing in society. 




How can your company, product, or service do good with marketing and be a part of the change if not a fourth runner in today's world?​

We got an excellent opportunity to be in charge of the interviews of the MRKTNG day speakers on behalf of Marketing Finland. As mentioned, the theme was better marketing and to do good with marketing. To get to interview internationally known leaders was a unique opportunity to challenge and hear from the global leaders on their perspectives what the role of marketing and companies is in our society. For us, it is always essential to bring the topic of social sustainability into the project that we are part of - which is one of the reasons that this partnership was established. The project is still ongoing with the distribution of the material throughout different digital platforms and channels for Marketing Finland. View more below. 

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