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Welcoming a new team member to the ATAA family

Here comes some news! This month, our team has gone through a transformation. Our first trainee has started working at ATAÁ as a content marketing specialist and a brand developer.

Helka is an experienced professional who is getting her BA in journalism this spring. Helka brings the ATAÁ team new perspective, knowledge, and most importantly – she wants to develop the company too and transform the industry.

With the new addition to the team, we are able to be more concentrated with our overall operations. The nice thing is that now working feels even more multidimensional. Each team member can now fully concentrate on their role. Also, we learn a lot from each other.

Our goal as a team is to develop as a unit. After the first week, we are already a strong unit. Helka’s more profound introduction will be published later this month. Check our stories for more info about the new team!


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