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Wanda Holopainen - Curiosity as a Driving Force.

Wanda, 26, ATAÁs founder and creative mind.

I like to joke around. For me, humor is a way to deal with things. Our coach used to say that I have the ability to light up the room and inspire people to find the best version of themselves. On the other hand, I can also take energy from others. It is a quality that is great to have, but it comes with responsibility.

At ATAÁ, I do almost everything. Naomi is concentrating more on the operative side, and I’m in charge of the creative side. I am in my element planning concepts and campaigns. I like to paint big pictures and visions.

I have always enjoyed being around other people. I have barely spent time by myself alone. Usually, I have always been and still am with Naomi. We are stronger together than alone.

ATAÁ’s values include respect, humanity, diversity, and curiosity. To me, curiosity is the most important. I am a very curious person. In my personal life, the value comes through, for example, in my activities. I do a lot of different things, from music to tennis.

Curiosity comes through also in my career choice – I am an entrepreneur. I get to work with a variety of people. Growth happens all the time. Every day I face challenges, which are opportunities to learn. Being curious stands for continuous improvement. Curiosity is especially essential when it comes to communication and people. Everyone wants to be seen as an individual for who they are.

My favorite holiday has always been Easter. It is time for adventures. Flowers blossom, the sun starts to shine. I get to discover nature that is coming alive after the Finnish winter—adventures in the forests and under the bridges. Wanda's and Helka's Easter hit song was released on our Instagram story. So follow our Facebook and Instagram to stay tuned for more highlights and behind the scenes.


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