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The Importance of Being Outside the Box to Think Outside the Box

Naomi Holopainen, the co-founder and creative mind of ATAÁ

Naomi got an opportunity to inspire 1500 future leaders by talking about the importance of being outside the box to think outside the box.

Being inside a box can feel safe as the existing beliefs are easier for others and for us to comprehend. The unknown and unfamiliar can seem dangerous and risky at times. Especially when our systems and cultures are built to reward people who go based on the status quo and punish and limit the once who are ready to challenge our existing norms and beliefs. But leaning into the discomfort and going through challenges is required for change to happen.

Courage to be Authentic and Vulnerable

To be who you are, to be outside the box requires courage. It requires courage to fight against the labels – to be different from others around you. Courage to be authentic and vulnerable. After all, vulnerability is the "birthplace" of things such as love, joy and innovation. No vulnerability, no creativity. No tolerance for failure, no innovation. It is that simple. If you're not willing to fail, you can't innovate. If you're not ready to build a vulnerable culture, you can't create.

"No vulnerability, no creativity. No tolerance for failure, no innovation."

Being outside the box and being courageously different is scary, and might feel dangerous. Because after all, what we all want as humans is to belong. But the future is unknown, and we need people to be brave and courageous enough to be different to come up with innovative ideas and solutions. To think outside the box. Because people with the same mindset have been running the world for centuries. And where has it gotten us? Thus, show up, be seen, answer the call to courage, cause you're worth it. Your unique self is worth being noticed for your authentic self.

Thank you Talous & Nuoret TAT (economy & youth) for organising this great event for the sixth time.


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