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Helka Miettunen - Finding Courage to Trust Yourself

Helka, 28, ATAÁs content marketing specialist and brand developer.

I have worked at ATAÁ for about a month. The first month on the team has been great. I mostly work with content. I do content planning, writing, and photography. My journalist background has given me a great foundation to work in a broad range of sectors. Writing, photographing, and research are useful skills in every industry. Having the courage to be me makes me a good fit for the ATAÁ team. It is easy to be vulnerable when you are surrounded by great friends. Also, our friendship introduces new dimensions to work. I am good with people. People skills and being efficient are a few of my strengths.

My favorite thing to do is singing. What I enjoy most about singing is the feeling of letting your body and mind be free. Singing has been part of my life since I was born. I could say it runs in our family. It was everyone’s hobby in a way or another. I come from a religious family of eight kids. Almost everything, starting with prayers, was done by singing. To this day, I still feel most at home when I sing. If I had to pick one of the ATAÁs values, I would choose courage. Throughout the years, I have learned to trust myself and my discretion. I am open to everything and everyone. I make friends quickly. In my life, I show courage in the way I face challenges, and I’m not afraid to step outside of my comfort zone.

Oh yeah, and today is May Day’s eve. What a wonderful celebration! Summer is behind the corner, and optimism is in the air. Today has had a variety of significance in the history of Finland. For me, it has always been Labor Day - a day to celebrate the achievement of workers. Having a big sweet tooth, I would say that the best thing about Labor Day is munkki/monk (a traditional Finnish Pastry, usually seasonal: during Labor Day) and sima/mead (a traditional Finnish soft drink, also during Labor Day).


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