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Conflict is Required for Transformation to Occur

Wanda Holopainen, Creative Mind

Last week was extremely tough and emotional for many of us. The days have been filled with tough conversations and emotional rollercoasters. I have had many cries and laughs, moments of hope, and moments of despair. It has been so emotional and intense that I have not slept.

Be Progressive and Facilitate Unity on the Racial Divide of this Society

As Finnish-Ghanaian, this current level of contradiction is something that I have had to reckon daily since the moment I was born. I have had to figure out how to be progressive and facilitate unity on the racial divide of this society internally. Since I was born, I have been fighting this racial war within myself. To combat this war externally in my work, I had to work on my identity internally.

Figure Out the Inner Conflicts Before Creating Marketing and Communication About Inclusiveness

This week has brought brands the opportunity and the platform for internal dialogues. This internal work is something that each Chief Marketing Officer and brand must now face. Figure out the inner conflicts before creating marketing and communication about inclusiveness. George Floyd and the rebirth of the black lives matter movement is a platform for this internal dialogue. Just remember that you should not be afraid of conflict. Thus, conflict is required for transformation to occur. It is a dialogue and a process in which one's existing truths and knowledge are challenged.


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