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Challenge is required for change to happen

Written by Wanda Holopainen, Founder and Creative Mind of ATAÁ

Fall is here – time to reflect and prepare for the winter.

I can't believe it’s September already. We’ve been through ups and downs. Through celebrations of victory and hopelessness in the mists of failure. However, in the end, we have learned a lot about ourselves and the surrounding world. After all, "challenge is required for change to happen".

One time I got asked if I was sure that being an entrepreneur was for me. My answer to them was that I was absolutely sure about the path I had taken. I would not trade the amount of knowledge, experiences, or the collective effort we now have to anything. Throughout the past year, I have gotten an opportunity to meet and work with a broad range of incredible people around the world, from a variety of industries. Learning from the leaders and the intellectual future of our society.

As we are about to hit our year mark, we are looking at the projects we started off the year with. For example, the culture project in a media high school where our goal was to enrich the school culture making it more authentic, vulnerable and accepting of inclusiveness. At the same time, we are reflecting on the first projects we kicked off the fall with – running a diversity workshop to an embassy. What a year it has been, what a journey. I would not want to change a thing nor the meaning and purpose that each day holds. We only die once, but we live every day.

Grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful and inspirational team. Sharing pieces of our stories daily and creating a culture that is not only tolerating our differences but celebrating our unique wisdom.


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