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Bringing awareness to the system and driving people to take proactive steps to support equality

Wanda Holopainen, Creative Mind

I grew up believing that with hard work and determination everything would be possible. But I’ve learned life is not fair. Especially as a young coloured woman in business.

There are days that I am full of hope and optimism. However, there are days that I question the willingness of the system to change. Mostly, I question my own strength and ability to drive change. It's not easy to talk about such topics as diversity, stereotypes, racism, etc. It requires going through the hardships and tough emotions over and over again that you have dealt with all your life.

Every day I choose to fuel my internal hope – I silence my doubt by believing in humanity

I hope that the current global movements and circumstances are bringing awareness to the system and driving people to take proactive steps to support people of colour around the globe, in business and diversity in general. Lets support equality.

As a mixed person I speak for unity and I am asking for your help. Please share our message and bring forward brands and companies that are ready to take steps towards diversity and support diversity in all forms.

So, educate yourselves and start conversations with people around you. Don’t stop when it gets uncomfortable.We need everyone's uniqueness to transform the future to be inclusive for us all. The conversations have barely even started.

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