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YouTube Creator Meet&Greet for Marketers

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

The article was initially published in Finnish by Marketing Finland

YouTube Creator Meet & Greet brings together local influencers, brand representatives, creators, and MCNs.

The event will feature a content marketing panel discussion about how influencers can use their channel to do good, what brands expect influencers to do, and how shared values ​​are involved in ineffective marketing. The founding sisters, Naomi and Wanda will host the panel discussion.

The event offers light snacks and live music is provided by Ylävire. The event is organized by Marketing Finland and Google.

YouTube Creator Meet & Greet for Ḿarketers is part of the two-day MRKTNG Day theme, “Do Good with Marketing,” which brings Finland the world's leading brand makers and marketers. MRKTNG Day Entrance entitles you to the YouTube Creator Meet & Greet for Marketers event, but requires prior registration.

If you would like to register for the event, please contact:

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