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ATAÁ Agency bringing the importance of responsible operation into the eyes of the top executives

A new rising start-up ATAÁ Agency will be attending the MRKTNG Day, the most important event within the marketing and advertising industry held in Finland.

The theme of the event this year is ‘Do good with marketing.’ The top marketers will dive into such topics as; how brands and companies need to find and pursue their purpose. Moreover, companies need to do good in a society where towns, cities, and other parties have or can not partake everything.

Around the globe, modern marketers have started to communicate from human to human. Building trust with people is even more critical for companies, act purposefully, making good deeds, and increase transparency within all levels of communication. Within the day national and international experts and professionals will share concrete case examples. We will both be there to interview the speakers, and on 10.9., with cooperation with the Ikiqai Agency, we will be hosting and panel that will dive into genuine influencer marketing.

MRKTNG Day is top of the class professional event for the CEOs, marketing, and communications experts. The event will host about 600 marketing decision-makers, senior executives, and marketing executives this year.


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