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We drive for normalizing diversity and generating corporate social responsibility actions and strategies to foster vulnerable cultures that embrace inclusiveness. 


As twins, we are often asked about the mysterious twin connection. It was not until we learned about polarity thinking that we understood the magnitude of twins and the bond they were so curious about.


Polarities are defined to be independent values that support each other. They complement each other in a balanced way. To the extent to which both are accurate on their own. However, incomplete without the other. Thus we believe that twins are the symbol of polarity—an energy system of dynamic value pairs and truths that need each other over time. Therefore, as half Ghanaians, it was no braver for us to be represented as ataá. Ataá means twins in Twi. 

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As the social structure was in chaos around the world, including Finland, Naomi and Wanda Holopainen decided that it was now or never. Thus, we started the company to drive for normalizing diversity. Now we are fighting to create equal opportunities and safe spaces within organizations for people to be their unique selves and working to create space for inclusive innovation and a broader understanding of sustainability to fight for future generations. Unity is required for us to survive on this planet as one of the species in our ecosystem.


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We help companies align their interests with those of their consumers. Companies need to satisfy the increasing demand to take a stand on social issues in all areas of their business. No matter what stage your organization is on towards social responsibility and inclusiveness, we can provide you with the support and expertise for maximum success. 

Designing Inclusiveness & Diversity Strategies

We work with organizations and institutions to develop authentic social corporate responsibility strategies and efforts to leverage sustainability transformation towards inclusiveness. We bring inclusiveness and diversity to the centre of business operations to provide creative solutions to address social issues within the organization, the industry, and society. Together we can design and implement social sustainability strategies that result in inclusive innovation to drive competitive advantage within your industry in the rapidly changing business environment. 

Delivering Social Sustainability Consultation

We examine the organizational culture to create transformative actions and solutions at any stage of your Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity & Inclusion journey. We partner with organizations to develop a relationship that enhances the organization's ability to be a forerunner in the age of sustainable development. 

Developing Workshops

Tailored interactive workshops to empower your organization and employees to improve the culture to be more vulnerable, embrace diversity, and to create creative approaches towards inclusiveness. Generating personal tools and processes to meet your organization's sustainability goals on all three pillars: profit, people, and the planet. 

By adopting an approach to integrate social responsibility into core business operations. Investing in CSR will enhance: 
  • better brand awareness

  • improved reputation

  • increased sales and customer loyalty

  • Lower costs and overheads

  • Improved bottom-line performance

  • greater ability to attract talent and retain staff

  • organisational growth

  • easier access to capital

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